Surestop SM

Surestop SM is a one component, polyurethane based, solvent free, hydro swelling mastic, supplied in cartridges and aluminium sausages, for the sealing of construction joints. Surestop SM cures and swells in the presence of moisture curing time depends on the temperature and humidity conditions i.e. curing time will reduce if the temperature is higher. Surestop SM will become firm in 24-36 hours. Performance is not affected by the curing time.


Solvent free.
Surestop SM can be applied to concrete, PVC, HDPE, steel etc.
The excellent filling and adhesion properties of the product provide a first line filling of cracks and voids, even on lightly humid smooth or rough surfaces.
In contact with water Surestop SM will expand to 350% of its original volume.
Flexible system, which adapts to the irregular surface of the substrate.
Easy application with standard caulking gun.
Durable: will exceed the constructions life.
Has a good all round chemical resistance and can resist petroleum, mineral and vegetable oils and greases.
Surestop SM is approved for contact with potable water.

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