PUDLO TF is a fleece-backed, pre-applied membrane system for use in below ground substructure waterproofing. PUDLO TF is a fully bonded system which bonds straight to the concrete during its wet state. PUDLO TF is suitable for basement construction including swimming pools (externally), car parks, habitable spaces, lift pits, slabs, liner walls, capping beams and service penetrations. It is manufactured with a fibreglass reinforcing mat that makes it more stable. In addition to waterproof protection, PUDLO TFalso provides protection against radon and is UV resistant. For use in all aspects of waterproofing where a Grade 1 to Grade 3 environment is required as part of a single or dual system recommended in BS8102:2009.


PUDLO TF is easy to install.
Heat welded system to provide robust waterproofing between each membrane overlap.
PUDLO TF membrane is fleece-backed to provide a fully bonded system between membrane and concrete.
Can be installed by contractor (providing signed off by PUDLO) or by a PUDLO approved installer.
PUDLO TF membrane can be installed in steel, contiguous or secant piled design.
Radon barrier.
BBA accredited.

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