PUDLO Rawmat P

PUDLO Rawmat P is a high density, pre-hydrated sodium bentonite membrane for the waterproofing of below ground sub-structures. Suitable for all aspects of waterproofing where a Grade 1 to Grade 3 environment is required, as part of a single or dual system recommended in BS8102:2009.

PUDLO Rawmat P provides protection in pre-applied situations. The membrane can be used in horizontal or vertical applications. PUDLO Rawmat P is suitable for basement construction including lift pits, slabs, liner walls, capping beams and service penetrations.


PUDLO Rawmat P is pre-hydrated
Full surface contact between the impregnated cover layer and the PUDLO concrete ensures that small cracks and surface imperfections are sealed
Forms a mechanical bond to poured concrete when cast in situ, remaining in place if settlement of the substrate occurs
Self-healing in presence of moisture
Quick and easy installation
Can be installed in all weather conditions
Can be used in chalk conditions
BBA accredited

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