PUDLO’s site support team is the backbone when it comes to assisting contractors. This dedicated team attends all PUDLO CWP pours and is on hand to provide guidance and advice for the duration of a project. Across the industry, PUDLO’s site support team is both the largest and most involved. Their in-depth knowledge and supervision allows us to issue our coveted 20 year performance warranty.

Who makes up the team?

Our 14 strong team is made up of the core site support team, two site support managers and two technical advisors.

All of our site support team members are given 12 weeks in-house training on our internal systems and processes, as well as the opportunity to complete an Institute of Concrete Technology course (which awards the title of Associate Member of the Concrete Society). Our managers and senior team are equipped with CSSW Certified Surveyor qualifications and various other industry recognised accreditations. From a health and safety perspective, they are exceptionally highly trained.

Where are they based?

Due to the far-reaching nature and popularity of PUDLO products, our team is able to travel the length and breadth of the country to support our contractors on projects of all natures and sizes. From Scotland to Bristol, Manchester to London, there’s always a specialist on hand.

What are their roles?

Each team has several sites to look after – they become that site’s PUDLO contact for the entire project duration. The team is engaged before any project starts, to ensure that all relevant systems and processes are in place. There’s a QA (quality assurance) process in place for every PUDLO element; by getting involved at the conception of a project, our team ensures that the utmost quality is maintained throughout.

Once a project is underway, they’re on hand to document every concrete pour and membrane installation. They mark-up structural drawings and perform regular conformity and consistency checks. One of the key and crucial roles of the team is to maintain consistent communication between trades, architects, groundworks teams and end clients.

This ongoing advice and communication allows us to offer one of the best possible warranties – 20 years. Supported by Concrete Society literature, we advise on:

  • Maintaining an up to date and accurate QA process.
  • Appropriate joint integration.
  • Curing times.
  • Striking times on formwork and other structural practises.
  • Good general concrete practises.

There’s no limit to the variety of projects that our site support team can assist with. Whether it’s a multi-storey car park or a residential swimming pool, our team has the experience, qualifications and processes to deliver an exceptional service and industry recognised warranty.