A few years ago, rumours started circulating that Microsoft would soon have a bricks and mortar store in London – the first of its kind in the UK. Details started to emerge that the new store would be on Oxford street, with a level below ground. However, no update was issued for quite some time. Microsoft reached out to PUDLO and MPS after the initial contract was taken from away from a previous supplier. With little time to spare, the minds behind Project George (as it is now known) were in need of a quality waterproofing system that could be fitted quickly, efficiently and in line with the very particular regulations of the surrounding area.


Due to the depth of the underground basement, Project George required specialist waterproofing. Other factors to consider were the fact that the area would be storing a large number of electronics and featured 3m deep light wells from the surface above.

Due to the complexity of the project, and the previously publicised delays, developers were concerned that it simply could not be finished on time. Representatives from our team ensured them that not only could we supply the perfect product, but we could install it within a much tighter timeframe then they’d anticipated.


In order to thoroughly protect the store, without excavating or losing valuable surface area, two specialist PUDLO products were used.

Cavity Drain

Our unique Cavity Drain systems work with water – rather than trying and failing to eradicate it entirely. It’s flexible, meaning it suits almost any internal wall application – plus, it’s resistant to salt and root contamination. The dimpled membrane is attached to the wall, preventing water from passing through it, but allowing it to run down the internal side. This water run-off is dripped into channels which are drained by pumps. The water is drawn away, without damaging the wall or allowing for any permeation into the internal store. What’s more, you don’t even know it’s there! Perfect for Project George’s requirements.

Render Seal

This post-applied cementitious surface waterproofing is applied to masonry and concrete structures. For Project George, Render Seal could easily be brushed or sprayed into alcoves, around beams, columns and into all hard-to-reach areas. Being simple and quick to apply, Render Seal was the product of choice to ensure that the project ran to time.

By employing our specialist products, we saved Project George a total of 3 weeks on its schedule – where competitors had quoted over 8 weeks. We installed 100-140m2 of Cavity Drain membrane a day – saving both time and money on this coveted store.

 If you’d like to know more about our specialist waterproofing products, please take a look at our product specifications or get in touch.

Launching PUDLO CWP 2.5

After extensive testing, we’ve cut the weight of our award-winning waterproof admixture PUDLO CWP from 8kg to 2.5kg.

  • Same high-quality performance
  • Cut manual handling risks with a weight reduction of nearly 70%
  • Save money and fuel transporting a compact, concentrated product
  • Less material and less waste boost your sustainability credentials