Penetration Sealing

Waterproofing service penetrations; ducts, vents, and pipework, is a critical part of securing your structure that’s often overlooked. For total waterproof security, you need to work with experts who can properly seal these penetrations into walls and floors.

Whether pre-drilled core holes or cast-in penetrations, our team can give you that confidence and peace of mind.

Working in close collaboration, we can identify all the issues which make your project unique. Beginning with a preliminary site visit, we’ll assign a team with the expertise to make their own adjustments as the situation demands.

From resin injection to the use of waterbar and mastic, we’ve got the experience and informed judgement to pick the best approach. Best of all, we guarantee all our penetration sealing works for three years.

Get the solution you need from a brand you can trust.

MPS warranty: We guarantee all of our penetration sealing works for 3 years.

MPS – The solution you need.

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Tel: +44 (0)1954 780687

DB Group, Wellington Way, Bourn Airfield, Cambridge. CB23 2TQ

Launching PUDLO CWP 2.5

After extensive testing, we’ve cut the weight of our award-winning waterproof admixture PUDLO CWP from 8kg to 2.5kg.

  • Same high-quality performance
  • Cut manual handling risks with a weight reduction of nearly 70%
  • Save money and fuel transporting a compact, concentrated product
  • Less material and less waste boost your sustainability credentials