Movement Joint Installation And Repair

MPS Concrete Solutions employs certified installers of movement joints. We work with your project designers and engineers to assure complete compliance on every job, safeguarding your project every step of the way.

Including movement joints in your project’s design lets designers and engineers proactively plan for any projected movement. Time spent addressing the issue upfront pays big dividends later, saving on costly, time-consuming remedial measures.

Our movement joint installation team are experts at assessing a site, working with your team to add value from the earliest stages. We address problems long before they arise, thanks to decades of combined experience and constant reviews of best practice.

MPS supplies and installs movement joint solutions to the UK’s most prestigious construction projects. With us, you enjoy the security and peace of mind that comes with specialist service and a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

MPS offers a full movement joint service: We advise, supply and install. All of our movement joint installations are issued with a 10 year warranty.

MPS – Providing a service you can rely on.

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Martyn Smith


Martyn started off his career in concrete working as a Contracts Manager for a waterproofing manufacturer.

He started MPS Concrete Solutions in 2013 when he saw a gap in the market for quality concrete repair and injection hose installation.

In his spare time, he is an avid West Ham fan and a county pool player.

Frank McGinley

Business Development Manager

Frank brings 10 years' knowledge of waterproofing injection resins and over 25 years’ experience in the waterproofing and concrete repair sectors overall. Having worked extensively with bandage systems and injection hose products, he has a broad knowledge of materials and methods for the remedial repair of movement and construction joints, as well as leaking concrete and soil stabilisation techniques.

Frank supports Spurs and enjoys a test match during the summer.

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Tel: +44 (0)1954 780687

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