Cavity Drain Installation

The BS8102:2009 code of practice for protection of below-ground structures against water from the ground gives recommendations and guidance on the methods of preventing the entry of water into your structure. It has three performance grades as below:

GradeRequired level of performance
1Some seepage and dampness is permitted
2No water penetration, but dampness is permitted
3No water penetration or dampness is permitted 


The vast majority of basement construction requires grade 3 level of performance and is for habitable accommodation. BS8102:2009 outlines the three types of waterproof protection:


TypeWaterproof protection
AInternal or external tanking
BStructurally integral protection
CInternal drained cavity protection with a sump and pump for removal of water or its disposal by gravity


When designing a waterproof basement, cavity drain membranes are an effective way to keep any unwanted water ingress out. The cavity is installed internally and diverts away any moisture which could breach the structure. This can lead to a sump or drainage system to pump away.

Cavity drain systems can be used in conjunction with another waterproofing type or on its own. With an increased focus on dual system waterproofing, it is often specified as the secondary system which is installed once the structure is built.

MPS Concrete Solutions’ trained operatives have extensive experience in installing all cavity drain systems and will give you the option to be able to dry line or render directly onto the cavity whilst still being able to maintain it for years to come.


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