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DB Group (Holdings) Ltd acknowledges its responsibility to the maintenance of a sound management systems policy and approach that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO9001, 14001, 45001 and BES6001

Regardless of the insignificance, we recognise the daily impact of our activities on the environment and that there is a need to continually consider ways to reduce our impact.  DB Group have worked with Carbon Footprint Ltd, a leading carbon management company for many years to monitor our carbon footprint.

DB Group manages its level of waste carefully in order to have as minimal impact on the environment as possible.  Control of waste is just part of why the Company’s carbon footprint has been achieved.  Continual reviews of processes and procedures are carried out by DB Group in each of the Company’s departments and along with the support of employees this means that any waste generated is identified and either recycled on-site through the production line or recycled in other ways.

In a drive to reduce CO2 emissions from our business travel, we encourage all company car users to use 100% electric vehicles where possible.  At Bourn Head Office we have invested in a number of fast charging points to help support the change to full EV.  We also utilise online communications platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, for external meetings, where appropriate, to assist in the reduction of CO2 emissions from our transport fleet.

Carbon Footprint Data (next review May 2023) 


  Baseline year 2014 Previous year (2020) Current year (2021) % change from baseline year
Total tonnes of CO2e 255.82 141.66 141.12 -44.8%
Tonnes of CO2e per employee 5.19 2.83 2.57 -49.8%
Tonnes of CO2e per £m turnover 54.41 24.01 23.13 -53.5%



Element (tonnes of CO2e) 2020 2021 Difference
Company car travel 37.88 32.1 -5.78
Company van travel 43.12 42.4 -0.72
Electricity usage 27.54 25.4 -2.14
Site heating oil 21.59 39.4 17.81
Flights 1.33 0.5 -0.83
total make up of overall CO2e
total tonnes of CO2e 141.66 141.12 -0.54
percentage make up of overall CO2e



DB Group Electricity Usage
DB Group Water Usage
Waste disposal and recycling
Overall Totals
Non-hazardous skips
Non-haz waste (tonnage)
Recyclate mixed skips
Recyclate waste (tonnage)
Monthly total
Overall Total (kg)
Reams of paper Saved
Trees Potentially Saved


Environmental Policy Statement

DBG ISO 9001
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DBG ISO 14001

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