Cemfree used in sea defences at Foulton Hall

Cemfree, ultra-low carbon concrete has been used by the Environment Agency and Jackson Civil Engineering Limited to save a massive 88% embodied carbon by replacing traditional concrete with Cemfree.

This coastal project in Essex showcases the commercial use of Cemfree in a UK tidal sea defence application. It was a detailed scheme that required bespoke formwork to prevent the washout of material as well as the input of the Cemfree team to ensure the pours went to plan.

The Environment Agency exists to protect and improve the environment, and while development is not always desired, it’s often essential, and the Agency strives to carry it out in the most sustainable way possible. Environmental Manager, Steve Livingstone, spearheaded the choice for Cemfree for this sea defence system based on its significant carbon saving potential.

The Cemfree Solution

Suffolk based contractor Jackson Civil Engineering Limited (JCE), having previously used Cemfree concrete on a similar tidal defence project in Woodbridge, Suffolk under the guidance of supervising site agent Ashley Tate, identified its next Cemfree opportunity – this time in the shape of the Foulton Hall tidal defence work. JCE embraces innovation and has a strong sustainability agenda, making Cemfree an ideal material to explore. Its staggering potential for reducing CO2 by up to 88% compared to traditional concrete makes it an exciting, hard to resist prospect.

The Practicalities

In this project, Cemfree was used as mass fill between sheet piling. It was easily pumped into place with no noticeable difference to a traditional OPC-based concrete mix. With the works being partially submerged at high tide it was crucial for JCE & Cemfree along with Camfaud Pumps and SRC Aggregates to be ready to begin pouring the moment the tide had receded and for the pour to be completed and the top shutters to be secured by the time it came back in again.

The Result

Foulton Hall’s impressive CO2 saving of over 88% through using Cemfree instead of a CEM I mix equates to 10.5 tonnes of CO2 – the same amount that would be released into the atmosphere if more than 5 tonnes of coal were to be burned. This just goes to show the massive carbon savings that can be achieved with only very minor changes to programme and design. Fresh from Cemfree success number two, JCE is now looking for the next big carbon saving opportunity to add to its growing sustainability portfolio.

to find out more about Cemfree, ultra-low carbon concrete please visit www.cemfree.com

Launching PUDLO CWP 2.5

After extensive testing, we’ve cut the weight of our award-winning waterproof admixture PUDLO CWP from 8kg to 2.5kg.

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