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Surestop SM

Surestop SM is a one component, polyurethane based, solvent – free, hydro – swelling mastic . Curing time depends on the temperature and humidity conditions i.e. curing time will reduce if the temperature is higher. Surestop SM will become firm in 24 – 36 hours. Performance is not affected by the curing time.


WRAS drinking water approval – UK

Surestop SM can be applied to concrete, PVC , HDPE, steel, etc

Excellent adhesion properties • In contac t with water, Surestop SM will expand to 350% of its original volume • Flexible system, which adapts to the irregular surface of the substrate

Easy application with standard caulking gun • Durable: will exceed the constructions life

Approved for contact with potable water


Break the moisture proofing aluminium foil on the top of the cart ridge (nozzle end). Cut the nozzle diagonally, at the appropriate position. Place the cartridge in the caulking gun. In cold temperatures, cartridges may require warming to allow free flow of product.

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Launching PUDLO CWP 2.5

After extensive testing, we’ve cut the weight of our award-winning waterproof admixture PUDLO CWP from 8kg to 2.5kg.

  • Same high-quality performance
  • Cut manual handling risks with a weight reduction of nearly 70%
  • Save money and fuel transporting a compact, concentrated product
  • Less material and less waste boost your sustainability credentials