PUDLO TR & TF are all TPO/FPA thermoplastic and flexible polypropylene alloy membranes. PUDLO TR & TF membranes comply with CE marking requirements. All membranes are UV resistant. In addition to waterproof protection, PUDLO TR & TF also provide protection against radon.


PUDLO TR & TF are suitable for all aspects of waterproofing where a Grade 1 to Grade 3 environment is required as part of a single or dual system, recommended in BS8102:2009. Can also be used to provide waterproofing protection to podium slabs . Each me mbrane serves its own purpose and is used in the following applications:

PUDLO TR – A rein forced, loose lay membrane with provides waterproofing protection for podium or suspended slabs which are exposed to foot traffic or used for roof gardens. This membrane is manufactured with a fibreglass reinforcing mat that makes it more stable

PUDLO TF – A fleece – backed, pre – applied membrane system for use in below ground substructure waterproofing. PUDLO TF is a fully bonded system which bonds straight to wet – state concrete

PUDLO TF is suitable for basement constructions including swimming pools (ext ernally), car parks, habitable spaces, lift pits, slabs, liner walls, capping beams and service penetrations

Technical Datasheets

Installation Manual


Drawings TF

Capping Beam Kwikastrip Detail

Capping Beam Detail 1

Capping Beam Detail 2

Kicker Joint Detail

Wall Head Detail

Slab Joint Detail

Vertical Wall Joint Detail (ISO)

Slab Pipe Penetration Cast-In Detail

Wall Pipe Penetration Cast-In Detail

Lift Pit Type 1 Detail

Lift Pit Type 2 Detail

Pile Head to Pile Cap Detail

Deep Slab Joint Detail

Overlapping Detail Plan View

Single Sided Tie Bolt Hole Detail

Two Sided Tie Bolt Hole Detail

Faced Off Pile Detail

Faced Off Sheet Pile Detail

Piling Isometric Detail

Capping Beam to DPC Interface Detail

Non-Faced Off Pile Detail

Non-Faced Off Sheet Pile Detail 

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Steel Waterbar Kickerless Construction Detail

Steel Waterbar Twin Wall Detail

Contiguous Pile to Liner Wall Detail

Contiguous Pile Head Detail

Secant Pile to Liner Wall Detail

Secant Pile Head Detail

Slab Pipe Penetration Box-Out Detail

Wall Pipe Box-Out Detail

Slab Pipe Penetration Post Drilled Detail

Wall Pipe Penetration Post Drilled Detail

Slab Pipe Penetration Post Drill Box-Out Detail

Wall Pipe Penetration Box-Out Detail

Ground Retaining Slab to DPC Detail

Capping Beam Detail 3

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