PUDLO GP Ultra Seal

PUDLO GP Ultra Seal is a multi-layer, polyethylene membrane with an adhesive coating for vertical application. PUDLO GP Ultra Seal protects structures from gas including VOCs, carbon dioxide, methane, radon, hydrocarbons and air and moisture. PUDLO GP Ultra Seal can be used as a post applied waterproofing and damp-proof membrane.


Recognised as an accepted system for gas and water protection by NHBC.

Quick and easy installation.

Can be installed in all weather conditions (all weather adhesive backing).

Technical Datasheets

Installation Manual



G/F RC Slab to DPC Detail

Overlapping Detail 

Reinforced Strip Detail 

Membrane Side Lap Jointing Detail

Membrane Roll End Jointing Detail

Iso Wall Application Detail

Iso Wall To Slab Junction Detail

Iso Wall Head Junction Detail

Iso External Corner Detail

Iso Internal Corner Detail

Iso Internal Tanking Detail 

Iso External Tanking Detail 

Slab Pipe Penetration Detail

Wall Pipe Penetration Detail 

Slab Pipe Penetration Tophat Detail

Slab Pipe Penetration Detail 

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