PUDLO GP Ultra+ – Gas & Waterproof Membrane

PUDLO GP Ultra+ is a dual performance membrane that provides protection from gas and water. The membrane provide protection including VOCs, carbon dioxide, methane, radon, hydrocarbons and also protects the structure from water ingress. PUDLO GP Ultra+ is a multi-layer, polythene membrane which is fleece-backed (black fluffy side up) providing a fully bonded system to the concrete.

Suitable for all aspects of gas protection and where a Grade 3 (waterproofing) environment is required as part of a dual system recommended in BS8102:2009. PUDLO GP Ultra+ can be used in horizontal or vertical application. PUDLO GP Ultra+ is suitable for all ground floor and basement construction including lift pits, slabs, liner walls, capping beams and service penetrations. PUDLO GP Ultra+ can also be used as single system.


Recognised as an accepted system for gas and water protection by NHBC.

Full surface contact between the membrane and concrete.

Quick and easy installation.

Can be installed in all weather conditions.

No requirement for priming. Overlaps are sealed by hot welding or joint tape (dependent on gas present).

Technical Datasheets

Installation Manual



Capping Beam Kwikastrip Detail 

Capping Beam Detail 1

Capping Beam Detail 2

Kicker Joint Detail

Wall Head Detail

Slab Construction Joint Detail

Iso Wall Detail 

Slab Pipe Penetration Cast-In Detail

Wall Pipe Penetration Cast-In Detail

Lift Pit Type 1 Detail

Lift Pit Type 2 Detail 

Pile Head to Pile Cap Detail

Deep Slab Joint Detail 

Overlapping Detail 

Single Sided Tie Bolt Hole Detail

Two Sided Tie Bolt Hole Detail 

Tape Overlapping Detail

Faced Off Detail

Faced Off Sheet Pile Detail 

Piling Isometric Detail 

Capping Beam To DPC Interface Detail

Non Faced Off Pile Detail

Non Faced Off Sheet Pile Detail 

Steel Waterbar Kickerless Construction Detail

Steel Waterbar Twin Wall Detail

Contiguous Pile To Liner Wall Detail 

Contiguous Pile Head Detail 

Secant Pile To Liner Wall Detail 

Secant Pile Head Detail 

Slab Pipe Penetration Box-Out Detail

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