PUDLO CWP – Makes Waterproof Concrete!

A hydrophobic, pore-blocking admixture making waterproof concrete. A dual-purpose, multi-component powdered admixture comprising of a powerful single dosage pack providing outstanding durability and waterproofing properties to all concrete mixes. It also includes plasticising and corrosion-inhibiting benefits.
PUDLO outperforms any other admixture of its kind in both durability and impermeability. Where long term durability is critical and / or exposure to aggressive environments is present, PUDLO provides significant key solutions when added to the concrete mix.


PUDLO has been making concrete waterproof for over 150 years

Minimises permeability and absorption of concrete, increases durability

Suitable for use with all concrete mixes including spray concrete application

Increases ultimate compressive and tensile strengths without increasing the cement content

Reduces bleed 

Improves resistance to sulphate, chloride and chemical attack including leachates

Supplied in pre-weighed dissolvable paper bags 


It’s essential that good concreting practice is carried out and maintained when applying. PUDLO CWP should be placed without segregation, fully compacted and correctly cured in accordance with industry guidelines

Failure to adhere to these guidelines may cause moisture or water ingress

Technical Datasheets

Installation Manual



Slab Construction Joint Detail

Two Sided Wall Kicker Detail

Slab Wall Kicker Joint Detail

Wall Head Detail

Kwikastrip Suspended Slab Detail

Concealed Joint Detail

Deep Slab Construction Detail

Slab Penetration Detail (Cast in)

Wall Pipe Penetration Post Drilled Detail

Wall Penetration Detail (Box Out)

Wall Penetration Detail (Cast In)

Wall Penetration Detail (Box Out)

Wall Pipe Penetration Post Drilled Detail

Lift Pit 1 Detail

Lift Pit 2 Detail

Wall Joint Detail (Isometric)

Floor Sump Detail Type 1

Floor Sump Detail Type 2

Kwikastrip Wall Detail

Scaffold Pole Infill Detail

Single Sided Tie Bolt Hole Detail

Capping Beam Kwikastrip Detail

Capping Beam Detail 1

Capping Beam Detail 2

Pile Cap Detail

Pile Cap to Slab Alternative Detail

Hi-Rib Stop End Construction Joint Details

Slab Infill Post Pour Detail (Isometric)

Wall to Sheet Pile Detail

Kwikastrip Wall Detail (Isometric)

Earth Rod Detail Cast In Detail

Earth Rod Detail Box Out Detail

Tie Bolt Hole Tube Recessed Cast In Detail

Podium Deck Rain Water Gully Detail

Wall Penetration Detail (Cast In)

Tie Bolt Hole Tube Recessed Cast In Detail

Mechanical Fixing Into Slab Detail

Wall to Piling Detail (Isometric)

Ground Retaining Slab to DPC Detail

Slab Pipe Penetration Box-Out Detail

Wall Pipe Penetration Box-Out Detail

Slab Anti-Crack Reinforcement Detail

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