Cavity Drain


PUDLO CD20 is a 20mm studded membrane which is suitable for both floor and wall applications when used in a PUDLO Cavity Drain System (Type C) installation. PUDLO CD20 is the largest studded membrane within our range. PUDLO CD20 is typically used in floors (please contact PUDLO for more information), vaults, tunnels, above and below ground level and other waterproofing applications. PUDLO CD20 can also be used in liner wall applications.


Complies to BS8102:2009
Quick and easy to install
Membrane can be easily cut
Waterproof and salt inhibiting
Resistant to root and salt contaminants
High quality product

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Continuity Through Internal Wall Detail

Block Work Cavity Wall Detail

Block Work Cavity Wall & Sacrificial Screed

Existing Wall Cavity Drain Detail

Closed Cell Insulation and Land Drain

Internal RC Column Sealing Detail

Floor Channel Slab Detail

Floor Channel Flushing and Central Outlet Detail

Sealing Around Floor Penetration Detail

Central Upstand Detail

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Exciting News - Membrane Only Performance Warranty

PUDLO Waterproof Systems are launching Type A Membrane Only Performance Warranties.

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