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Buried roof

Adequate drainage and waterproofing measures are essential when it comes to the design and construction of buried roofs. Some construction materials aren’t suitable for waterproofing, and the use of these materials, usually specified in the design stage, often leads to failure and leakage further down the road.

There are also no cost-effective or straightforward repair solutions available if inappropriate construction materials have caused a buried roof to leak.

Engineers should be advised, at the design stage, on suitable and appropriate materials for this type of construction, to ensure buried roofs remain waterproof while retaining an adequate depth of coverage.

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Launching PUDLO CWP 2.5

After extensive testing, we’ve cut the weight of our award-winning waterproof admixture PUDLO CWP from 8kg to 2.5kg.

  • Same high-quality performance
  • Cut manual handling risks with a weight reduction of nearly 70%
  • Save money and fuel transporting a compact, concentrated product
  • Less material and less waste boost your sustainability credentials