DB Group has had the pleasure of having a summer intern, Manoj Panchal with us for 8 weeks. Before heading back to university we managed to sit down with him to catch-up on his time with us.

What was the best part of being at intern at DBG?

Getting to go out on sites seeing different contractors, equipment, people and machinery. Having a look at what could be the future of the company.  Internships offer the opportunity to get out of the office and explore.

What advice would you give anyone considering doing an internship?

Make sure you understand what the job role is and make sure its relevant to what you’re studying. But above all, make sure you actually DO a placement, so you find about the wider world and what you’d like to do.

 What have you learnt while you were here that you were perhaps not expecting?

It doesn’t matter what your position is in a company, all opinions and ideas – from the warehouse to the CEOs –  are equally relevant, and do matter.

What was the main thing you think you can take away from the experience to apply in your future working environment/career?

Concrete is a good industry to work in!  There will invariably be gaps in what you know vs the job description or you may think a position may not be an exact fit, but it’s probably better to enter a job where you don’t know everything – the more gaps, the better, in my opinion.  It’s important to always be learning something new so always enter a job where you don’t know everything.

Do you think your future plans have changed as a result of being an intern?

Yes – previously I thought further research would be what I’d do in future, but while that could be an option, now I think I could go straight into work.  So doing an internship will do that for you – it will either challenge your previous assumptions or mindset or support it, but it’s good to at least have the opportunity for a comparison.

Anything else you’d like to add?

There are not enough companies like DB Group who offer a sustainable business model or combine SEE (social awareness, economy, environmental)  There should be more companies with a sustainable agenda running through the organisation.

What would you say to companies that don’t offer internships or placements?

They’re missing out on an opportunity of having a fresh way of thinking or of viewing a problem or challenge.   Interns have been exposed to the latest thinking out of academia and research all of which the company can gain from. And innovations happen from ‘happy accidents’ or thinking out of the box which an intern is primed for.  An intern isn’t encumbered by the same way of doing things, tradition, habit or other restrictions, so able to move things forward sometimes in unexpected but useful ways.