Cemfree Testimonials

“We’ve seen customer interest pick up recently, interest which is clearly linked to the growing importance of environmental considerations in construction build designs. Capital Concrete is now a leading supplier of Cemfree in the London area and we’re able to supply high volumes of this product anywhere in the London market. We have a strong reputation for developing cutting-edge solutions and niche products and Cemfree represented an opportunity to do both simultaneously. Supplying this product to the highest level of quality control is easy at our new state-of-the-art, high output, wet-batch concrete plants at Silvertown and at Wembley, where we have dedicated a silo at each site exclusively to Cemfree.”

Luke Smith, Capital Concrete  Managing Director

“We’ve demo’d the product and for us, it’s a no-brainer – it’s just a matter of making the right choice in the context of a bigger environmental issue especially since all other features of Cemfree stack up just as well as traditional products do – plus Cemfree is better for rural applications as it’s more chemical-resistant and therefore, more durable.”

“We’re keen to offer this low-carbon cement alternative as part of our various offerings as we know that this is definitely the future, not just for larger construction companies but also smaller firms where clients tend to demand a higher spec and greener credentials.”

Andrew Axtell, Axtell Ltd  Managing Director

“Using Cemfree in the piled foundations over traditional concretes has the potential to save up to 80% in embedded carbon. These works have been a part of a growing collaboration effort with our industry partner, DB Group, which manufactures Cemfree binder.

“This is Keltbray’s fifth project where we have used Cemfree but only the first time we have used it for permanent works and so far we’re delighted with the results.”

Stuart Norman, Managing Director for Keltbray Piling

 “We are always looking for new ways to innovate, and the carbon-saving potential of Cemfree is considerable. Initial trials have been very positive and we will continue to explore its potential as a sustainable alternative to traditional concrete – a hugely exciting possibility.”

Jean-Marie Perret, Bouygues UK Project Manager

“Shell Springboard celebrates the inventiveness of small companies in the face of big challenges from climate change and the rising demand for energy. DB Group embodies this idea to the core. I congratulate them on their success and wish them the best of luck.”

Angus Gillespie, Vice President for CO2 at Shell

“After initially hearing about the significant sustainability benefits of Cemfree, we were very keen to make use of it and we’re excited to be the first UK contractor to utilise Cemfree commercially. DB Group, the company behind Cemfree, and Tarmac, our concrete supplier, worked closely with us to make this a reality. Our client, the Environment Agency, was also very supportive of the trial. We look forward to partnering with Cemfree again on our future projects.” 

Ashley Tate, Jackson Civils Site Agent

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