Ultra-low carbon alternative to traditional cement that can save up to 80% in embodied CO2
compared to a conventional mix.

Cemfree is a totally cement-free alternative to conventional concrete and a ground-breaking milestone in low-carbon concrete technology.

The Cemfree Carbon Calculator

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The Potential C02 Saving

13.3 tonnes

The Equivalent Of


TakingCars Off The Road For A Whole Year

Turning OffLED Bulbs For A Whole Year

Our Story

Cemfree was developed by DB Group from its conception to its launch into the market. This intrepid journey began with a determination to make a more sustainable version of concrete which we achieved after years of tireless research and development. Today Cemfree is a genuine, realistic alternative to conventional concrete, allowing savings of up to 80% in embodied CO2.

Our People

We know how revolutionary our product is so we expect to be asked a lot of questions about how it can work in your project. Between them, our Cemfree team members have decades of experience in the concrete industry and are here to answer your questions.

They can give you all the information you need about how Cemfree can be used and the dramatic CO2 savings that can be made with it.

Why Cemfree is the perfect choice for you

Case Studies

Cemfree has been used in a variety of applications, including slabs, walls, capping beams and sea defences. Take a look at our case studies to learn more about how and where Cemfree has been used.

Latest Cemfree News

Largest Cemfree Pour for Network Rail in the UK

Largest Cemfree Pour for Network Rail in the UK

BAM Nuttall completes largest ever continuous Cemfree pour The largest Cemfree Pour for Network Rail was completed by BAM Nuttall at Chatham Station, Kent, in May 2020. The 300 cubic-metre continuous pour, which supports the foundation for a new step-free access at...

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