Express Concrete previously worked with Cemfree on the Gascoigne Estate in Barking with Bouygues UK. After such a positive experience, Express Concrete called on Cemfree as a sustainable option for a slab at their new concrete plant. They wanted another chance to use Cemfree to demonstrate that it’s just concrete – it’s poured and placed in the same way as traditional concrete but with added environmental benefits that fit into Express Concrete’s sustainability agenda.

The Cemfree Solution

Express Concrete prides itself on being an environmentally aware concrete supplier with a strong interest in the latest available industry technology and innovation. Using Cemfree on the external yard slabs at its new Erith plant only serves to enhance this reputation as a CO2 saving of 87% was achieved, making it the greenest possible solution for Express Concrete’s new plant slabs.

The Practicalities

Two identical slabs were poured side by side in the batching plant yard, each slab measured around 40m2, 200mm deep and contained 8m3 of Cemfree concrete. Having used Cemfree before, Express Concrete knew what to expect and they weren’t disappointed. The placing and finishing of Cemfree was straightforward and no different to a conventional mix, making it an easy process for all involved.

The Result

The original mix for these slabs would have been a traditional C50 CEM I mix. By using Cemfree instead, 5.2 tonnes of CO2 were saved – the equivalent of planting more than 30 trees. After the first collaboration between Express Concrete and Cemfree in the previous year, Express Concrete were so impressed with the outcome that they were keen to team up again, but this time to use Cemfree in their own brand new batching plant yard. Again, the pours were problem-free and Express Concrete were more than happy to use a sustainable concrete that allowed them to practice what they preach in terms of sustainability in construction