Cemfree, part of DB Group, have been listed in PwC UK’s Net Zero Future50 report, released yesterday. Cemfree are amongst 49 other innovative UK climate tech companies who are looking to tackle one of the biggest challenges the UK construction industry faces.

The report looks at the important role climate tech start-ups play in transforming the industry and highlights the need for change and innovation to help achieve net zero by 2050.

Cemfree, which features in the ‘Industry, Manufacturing and Resource Management’ category of the report, is an ultra-low carbon alternative to traditional cement that can save up to 80% in embodied CO2 compared to a conventional concrete mix. The cement-free alternative can help to accelerate the decarbonisation of the construction sector, both in the UK and internationally.

Adam Gittins, Cemfree Commercial Manger, said. “We’re proud to be listed as one of PwC UK’s Net Zero Future50. It’s companies such as those listed within this report that are leading the challenge to find new technologies and alternatives that can accelerate the industry in reaching its Net Zero goal. We are thrilled to be amongst these exceptional companies making a change and look forward to being part of the integral movement to help the industry reach its target.”

The full report can be found on the PwC’s website here: https://www.pwc.co.uk/issues/esg/the-pwc-net-zero-future50.html

Launching PUDLO CWP 2.5

After extensive testing, we’ve cut the weight of our award-winning waterproof admixture PUDLO CWP from 8kg to 2.5kg.

  • Same high-quality performance
  • Cut manual handling risks with a weight reduction of nearly 70%
  • Save money and fuel transporting a compact, concentrated product
  • Less material and less waste boost your sustainability credentials