It’s National Apprentice Week, so we have taken the time to talk to one of our apprentices, Rohin Kumar, to ask him about what it is like to be an apprentice at DB Group and how this has helped him.


You have been a Marketing Executive Apprentice at DB Group for a year now, how are you finding the role?

I’m still really enjoying it. It’s still just as challenging as the day I started, and that’s because I’m constantly given new activities and tasks to do, both from the workplace and the college and I like that. It keeps my days fresh. Having projects that I get to take ownership of is something that I also really enjoy, as I get to mold these tasks to the way that I like and I think it results in better work at the end of it.


What does a typical day in the workplace look like now that you’re settled into the role?No two days are the same.

One day I can be creating content for social media, the next day I’m writing a blog piece or planning a campaign. It really varies and that keeps it fun. Of course like everyone I have things that I’m responsible for and this keeps me busy. Having different projects and responsibilities to juggle means that there is never a dull moment.


The theme for this years apprenticeship week is ‘skills for life’. What skills do you think your current role has given you?

More than anything I think my confidence and my communication skills have grown, and I think that these are the two most important skills that everyone needs to be successful. I’ve become a lot better with presenting my ideas to the team and working with colleagues and external stakeholders to create content.


What advice would you give to anyone who is thinking of doing an apprenticeship in this area of work?

I’d say go for it. Marketing different types of concrete may not sound that exciting at first but it’s challenged me to be creative in new ways and I’ve learned so much about the construction industry that I could only learn from being a part of it.


What are your future plans after the apprenticeship has finished?

I’d like to continue my journey in marketing and hold a position where I can be even more involved in the development of marketing strategies. Also to continue my learning and development. There will always be new things to learn and I’ll continue to keep up.

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